MCS Success Stories

*    Successfully protected interests of healthcare professionals against efforts of THEC & TBR colleges to abolish licensing regulatory board. Effort required creation of PAC, grassroots lobbying and direct lobbying. 

*    Secured increased state funding for free breast and cervical cancer screening program for uninsured and under-insured women.

*    In face of anti-competitive effort by established cab companies, expanded transportation services in Nashville by obtaining permits for city's first driver-owned cab service.

*    Secured passage of landmark legislation in the Tennessee General Assembly banning smoking in the workplace and raised the cigarette tax an additional 42 cents.

*    Successfully passed landmark consumer protection legislation making Tennessee the first state to require licensing and credentialing standards for persons who sell and fit persons for powered wheelchairs. Legislaion signed into law by Governor at a public bill signing ceremony attended by disability advocates and media.

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